I will try and include future dates and upcoming events in this section.


Carley is our student from the Institute of Education, she has settled into Green Class really quickly and is a fun, patient, calm and organised teacher – a recipe for success.  Carley will be leading 80% of the teaching but I will still be in or around class.

PGCE Student

During the Summer Term, we will be having a student from the Institute of Education. He/she is in their final teaching practice and will be building up to teaching 80% of the time. He/she will be visiting Green Class on May 3rd and 4th and their block practice will start on May 11th

End of Key Stage 1 Assessment

After Easter, I will be doing the End of Key Stage 1 assessments in reading, writing and maths. This is a very low key affair and is very similar to all of the assessment I do throughout the year. It is totally different to the End of Key Stage 2 Assessment as the level I assign the children is based on cumulative evidence over the year and is based on teacher judgement, it is not dependent on just a ‘test’ result. In past experience, the children do not feel stressed and some don’t even realise they are being assessed! I carry out the assessments in small groups and most children enjoy the ‘special’ attention from me. Please ask me any questions if you have any, Martha.

Class photos – Tuesday May 15th

Themes for week beginning 5.3.07

English: Traditional story themes

Maths: quarters, thirds and halves. Polygons test on Wednesday

Science: Forces and movement – trip to the part

ICT: Mindmapping traditional story themes, touch-typing

PE: Continuing with juggling (some children on 3 balls) and lessons with the Arsenal coach.

Over half term, I am going to Canada with 9 other Hackney teachers, to look at raising standards in language and literacy. As I will be returning on Sunday 25th, Heather has given me Monday off school to recover from the jetlag. This means that Sue will be taking Green Class on their trip to The Guardian Newsroom and teaching them for the rest of the day.

Themes for week beginning 12.2.07

English: Dictionaries, glossaries, alphabetical order.

Maths: measuring capactiy

Science: Variation between males and females.

ICT: Using floor turtles, touch typing.

PE: Continuing with juggling and lessons with the Arsenal coach.

Themes for week beginning 5.2.07

English: Poetry, including reading poetry aloud and exploring poetic patterns of rhythm, rhythm and other features of sound.

Maths: Shape – recognising 2D and 3D shapes, sorting them according to number of sides, corners and faces and understanding right angles.

Science: Life cycles

ICT: Using the repeat function on a floor turtle; touch typing.

PE: Juggling and working with the Arsenal Coaches.

Themes for week beginning 29.1.07

English: Poetry, including a look at Michael Rosen.

Maths: 3, 4 and 10 times table, solving problems with money, partitioning numbers.

Science: Concept of male/female

ICT: Directions (using a robotic floor turtle), touchtyping.

PE: Juggling and working with the Arsenal Coaches.

29th January – 2nd February: Trainee teacher Katy O’Connor will be visiting to observe teaching and learning in Green Class.

19th – 23rd February: Half Term – have a fun week, I’m being sent to Canada on behalf of the school to look at language and literacy there as part of Teachers’ International Professional Development (TIPD).

26th February: Green Class are visiting the Guardian Newsroom for a story telling session. We will be catching the 55 bus to Holborn. Let me know if you are able to come along with us.

1st March: (Afternoon only) I’ll be visiting Edinburgh Primary School to meet with other teachers on my ‘Developing Leader of Tomorrow’ course. The children will have their usual session with the Arsenal coaches and the rest of my absence should be covered by staff internally.


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  1. 1 Matteo July 19, 2007 at 6:47 pm

    I can’t wait to learn French.

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