General Information

Children need to line up at 8.55 on the green spots in the playground.

Green Class Timetable – Spring 07

Book bags must be brought in every day.

Books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

PE is on Thursday and Friday Children must have a change of clothes for PE; shorts or tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls. In the PE curriculum we cover;

  • Football skills (with Arsenal coaches)
  • Dance
  • Juggling
  • Gymanastics

Homework is given out on Friday and is to be returned on Tuesday. Help your child if they need it. Usually it is linked to something we have been doing in class.

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery (stud earrings are fine).

Children are to be collected promptly at 3.30 unless they are going to an after-school club. Some after-school clubs we run are;

  • Infant Art Club
  • Infant French Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Dance

If your child is absent for any reason, please phone the office or let me know.

Read with your child as much as you can. Take turns to read a page each so that they can hear what a good reader sounds like.


What is ‘Stay on Green’

‘Stay on Green’ is a behaviour system that we use throughout the school. Each child has a small pocket on display with a coloured card in it. Each child starts the day with a green card and, if they behave well all day, they stay on green. However; kind, thoughtful behaviour that involves more than thinking about themselves is rewarded with a bronze card (and a sticker), children on bronze can again be rewarded to move up to silver and gold, then their names are written in a special book in Heather and Peter’s office. Children who do not behave well are given a warning then moved down to blue, if bad behaviour continues they are given another warning and moved down to yellow. If bad behaviour STILL continues, children are warned then moved to red. A red card means being sent to another class to have 10 minutes time out. Thankfully, we don’t get many red cards!

Stay on Green display


Adults working in Green Class

Class Teacher: Martha Dobbing


I have been working at Lauriston since 2002. I taught for 3 years in Blue Class (Year 1) and this is my 2nd year teaching Year 2. In addition, I have a responsibility for ICT across the school and am the Teacher Governor. I am also an ex-pupil of Lauriston, I attended the school from 1985-1991. Yes, many of the staff were here when I was a child including Peter who taught me when I was in Year 6 and Barbara who taught me when I was in reception!!! Some of the others were; Hilary, Heather, Jane, Evlyn, Kevin, Smithy and Ivan! I am passionate about Lauriston and it means a great deal to me to be teaching here with it’s warm, family feel (oh yes, my mum currently teaches Yellow Class, Reception).

Teaching Assistant: Jan Kucuk


Jan has been working at Lauriston for many years and has had 2 children pass through the school and one child currently in Brown Class (Year 6). We worked together in Year 1 so it is a pleasure to be working with her again. In addition, she is a Meal-time Supervisor and runs a coffee morning for Turkish parents.

Teaching Assistant: Venies Richards


Venies has been at Lauriston since 2002, we also worked together in Year 1 so it is great to have her in my team again. She has worked with children with a range of special needs over the years and never fails to be calm and supportive.

Teaching Assistant: Katarzyna Czech


Kat joined Lauriston and the Green Class Team in January 2007. She is even more organised than me (I didn’t know that was possible) and was a teacher in Poland. She has fitted into the team perfectly and is adored by the children


Carley is our student from the Institute of Education, she has settled into Green Class really quickly and is a fun, patient, calm and organised teacher – a recipe for success.  Carley will be leading 80% of the teaching but I will still be in or around class.


Banned Items

Following some incidents involving children’s toys going missing, all children in Green Class are banned from bringing in items from home such as; toy aliens, notebooks, teddies, Yugioh cards, top trumps cards etc. If children accidently bring things into school, they are to be placed in the ‘going home box’ and to will be returned to the children at the end of the day.The only exception is tennis balls, but these must have the child’s name clearly on them. Children have to understand the risk of bringing in tennis balls (and any other items) .

and the school cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to them.


Blogging Conduct

For Internet safety reasons, teachers will try to make sure they do not put children’s names with children’s photos. Friends and family will recognise the initial letter that may be used near a child’s photo.

All comments have to be approved by teachers, inappropriate comments will not be posted.

Videos are hosted by YouTube and photos are hosted by Flickr which, like the Green Class Blog, are accessible to the general public.

The blog will be updated a minimum of half termly, though it is down to the teacher’s discretion how often content is added. Parents must appreciate the extra effort it takes for teachers to create a blog in addition to their usual duties, especially as computer skills vary from person to person.

Parents are encouraged to leave comments and items that may be useful for other parents, such as; recipes, local events, tips and links to other websites.


3 Responses to “Info”

  1. 1 Luba April 23, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    This helps me learn and thats why i like it!
    Love Luba

  2. 2 Matteo July 13, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    I think that the stay on green is great!

  3. 3 mdobbing July 13, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    I’m glad that you like ‘Stay on Green’ Matteo. I think it is fantastic too but would be interested to find out why you like it so much.

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